A 1-week experience designed to deepen your emotional work with a small group of other humans committed to doing “the work.”

Connect deeply with yourself. Show up authentically. Cultivate more meaningful relationships.

<aside> 🧭 Emotional work can help unlock meaningful insights, release stored tensions in the body, shift perspective on limiting beliefs, heal core wounds, and more. It’s magical. But, guided sessions are money and time-intensive. That’s why we’re building Thyself.

**Thyself is a voice AI tool that guides you through self-therapy via somatic inquiry and Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work.**

Thyself offers immediate emotional support for when you're feeling triggered or want to untangle emotional knots

Thyself supports in-depth emotional work sessions to help you understand underlying patterns playing out in your life, heal inner parts, cultivate self-love, and more.


In this cohort, you’ll learn self-therapy using both somatic inquiry and IFS.

<aside> ❤️ 1-week experience with Thyself

✨ As a thank you for participating in the journey, you’ll be gifted 1 month of Thyself ($29 value)


Walk away with the authority and confidence to hold space for yourself when emotionally charged triggers and challenges arise.

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What can I expect for the week?

<aside> 🤲 Emotional work

<aside> 💬 Product feedback

<aside> 🤲 Community

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